On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great honor and privilege to invite you to our first International Symposium of Earth, Energy, Environmental Science, and Sustainable Development held by Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development/JESSD (https://scholarhub.ui.ac.id/jessd), School of Environmental Science, Universitas Indonesia.

The symposium will be held from 28th to 30th September 2020 and will be conducted virtually to aim sustainability, knowledge accessibility, and public health as well as safety. To reduce our waste, we conduct a paperless symposium; the participants will get symposium materials, certificates, and receipts electronically.

We sincerely invite all interested national and international experts and enthusiasts from universities, institutions, organizations, businesses, and the communities themselves to connect and transmit knowledge about numerous topics such as https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/topics/:

  1. Earth science
  2. Energy
  3. Environmental science
  4. Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs, and
  5. Special issues

Important dates:

Events Early Birds Regular
Full Paper Submission Before 17th July 2020 Before 27th September 2020
Registration Payment Before 31st July 2020 Before 27th September 2020
Video Submission Before 31st July 2020 Before 27th September 2020


All papers will be submitted to the review process and published in:


  1. E3S Web of Conference (Scopus indexed) [https://www.webofconferences.org/e3s-web-of-conferences-forthcoming-conferences], an author may submit a maximum of two articles;
  2. IOP Conference Science: Earth and Environmental Science (Scopus indexed) [https://iopscience.iop.org/journal/1755-1315], an author may submit a maximum of five articles;

Both proceedings above will be submitted for inclusion in leading Abstracting and Indexing services, including Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, Google Scholar. Please check our web page for the Registration fee (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/registration-fee/) and Publication fee (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/f-a-q/)


  1. Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (https://scholarhub.ui.ac.id/jessd/)- Free registration and free publication fee, the best paper will be granted with token appreciation (small grant).
  2. ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement (https://scholarhub.ui.ac.id/ajce/)- Free registration and free publication fee, the best paper will be granted with token appreciation (small grant).
  3. Indonesian Journal of Environmental Science and Management (http://ijesm.pepsili.or.id/index.php/IJESM) – Free registration and free publication fee
  4. Other Journals under Indonesian Community Engagement Journal Association – Registration fee and publication fee required (https://ajpkm.org/)
  5. Other journals which are under confirmation (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/publication/)

Submissions must be made online through our website (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/online-submission/). If you find any problem while accessing our website or online submission page, please contact us. We will assist you immediately. The collection of abstracts will also be published with electronic format (ISBN). Please visit the general conference website for complete details: https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/

We look forward to meeting you in our virtual symposium and we would be pleased to help if you have any question regarding our event



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